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Characters Page

Name: Tsavo
Gender: Male
Age: 4
Advantage: Great Liar, Lacks Mane Inconveniences
Distinguishing Feature: Considerably Maneless, Scar on (his) left side of mouth.
Personality: Tsavo can be a bit arrogant. He bases his relationship on others usually by first impressions. He is quick to bond to who he can find any relating qualities to. He is a compulsive liar and has a quick mouth. However, he doesn't take well to insults or frustrating matters and that anger can get the better of him.

Author's Note(s): I created Tsavo a while back after watching the Lion King with my friend, Trik. Harmonize is one part of Tsavo's past that best describes him as a whole.

Name: Boon
Gender: Female
Age: 6
Advantage: Her speed, towering height, social behavior
Distinguishing Feature: Spotted from head to shoulders, she's the tallest female
Personality: Boon has a heart of gold and a badge of courage over it. She's rather social and is easy to get along with. She tries to be as logical as she can and follow decisions she sees as right or justified. She would take a bullet for someone if it was defending a righteous cause. She is not one to talk about things she perceives as shameful aspects of herself.

Author's Note(s): Boon was named after one of my favorite LM.C songs. Unfortunately, LM.C is a japanese band and I never translated the lyrics, so I don't really know if its actually fitting for her. I just liked how on my itunes the name is called "Boon!!" It makes it sound like someone's shouting, and it made me think that Tsavo might yell it xD

Name: Bass
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Advantage: Manipulating, Great sense of smell
Distinguishing Feature: Long narrow face,
Personality: Bass is extremely hot tempered and always looks like she's about to chew you out. She has a rather commanding and masculine attitude. She's not quick to trusting others but with her strong personality and age she generally has the trust of others and she knows damn well she has this advantage over things. She can be cold--whatever gets things done but she is also rather cunning and has a good use of common sense. She may make a fast decision, but rarely a reckless one.

Author's Note(s): I think basically everyone noticed a lot of my characters have musical names. They have meaning behind them, but understanding it isn't going to really tell the whole comic plotline xD Not one bit.

Name: Alto
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Advantage: Brute Strength, Excellent Swimmer
Distinguishing Feature: Fluffier than the others including a mane-like fluffy neck/chest
Personality: Alto is usually rather quiet and keeps things to herself. However, to certain people she's extremely frank. Alto considers every action to be apart of an honor code, and as such, she puts honor, blood and law before anything else--including herself. Because of this way of thinking, its hard to really tell what she enjoys, loves and dislikes from what she considers duty.

Author's Note(s): Bahaha.. I swear there's an explanation for her manly appearance! I really love Alto. She's kind of like that samurai character I felt far too cool to actually create xD

Name: Soprano
Gender: Female
Age: 3
Advantage: uhh
Distinguishing Feature: Numerous scars over (her) right side of the face, made appearance on page one
Personality: Soprano acts very much like a child. She seems to be very innocent, a pacifist and submissive. She can be somewhat timid but at the same time, she tries to keep herself from becoming antisocial. Even though she is very friendly to others, she hates talking about herself. She tries her hardest to be brave and enduring.

Author's Note(s): The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Soprano is Kagome from Inuyasha. They don't really share the same personality, but I hate them both. Ah, at the very least she's easy to draw.

Name: Sug
Gender: Female
Age: 5
Advantage: Can skillfully climb trees, Quick to learn
Distinguishing Feature: Freckle markings under eyes, ears are always back
Personality: Sug seems very meek and quiet. She is quick to submission and avoiding conflict. She tends to have her own reasons for doing things but nevertheless, acts loyal to those she follows. That is, to most people. Sug's personality can suddenly change, unmasking a rather vicious Sug underneath.

Author's Note(s): Sug was named after the band SuG. Which is sort of ironic, SuG is a very upbeat, cheery-cheer-cheer and flamboyant jrock band xD I pronounce her name as "Soogie".

Name: Adin
Gender: Female
Age: 3
Advantage: Extremely Observant, Naturally gifted hunter
Distinguishing Feature: Wears glasses
Personality: Adin has a very upbeat personality and energy that is only surpassed by her sister, Sentimental. Adin runs the line between fools and geniuses. Her personality is faulted with social awkwardness which makes many try their best to avoid having decent conversations with her. She's never given the chance to show her intelligence to others.

Author's Note(s): All my friends have a character named Aidan, Aiden, Adin and so on. I decided I should join in.

Name: Sentimental (Usually called Senti)
Gender: Female
Age: 3
Advantage: Stamina, Endurance
Distinguishing Feature: Dark stripe running from nose to tail,
Personality: Like her sister, Adin, Sentimental is energetic and socially awkward. However, very unlike her sister, she doesn't have much of a brain hiding behind it. She does have a drive to her and there is nothing that is more persistent than this optimistic young girl. This never-give-up attitude makes her become rather diligent, reliable and loyal to those she likes

Author's Note(s): Sentimental kind of reminds me of a dog xD;

Name: Jazz
Gender: Female
Age: 8
Advantage: Amazing Jaw-strength,
Distinguishing Feature: Single spot under (her) left eye.
Personality: Jazz is a mature female with wisdom that far surpasses her years. She is excellent at diagnosing problems and keeping her cool throughout even the worst of the worst. She is looked up to by many of the lionesses and those familiar with her seek guidance from her. Despite such a calm personality, she is not one for sacrificing herself for others.

Author's Note(s): Apparently "jazz" used to be an early 1900s black american subculture sland-word for sex. Which gives new meaning to the saying "and all that jazz" xD for me, anyways.

Name: Zoan
Gender: ----
Age: ---
Advantage: -----
Distinguishing Feature: -----
Personality: -------

Author's Note(s): ----

Name: Ohanzee
Gender: -----
Age: ---
Advantage: -----
Distinguishing Feature: -----
Personality: -------

Author's Note(s): ----